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AF Confession.

Sometimes Taryn and I do this thing we call AF text support.  Because sometimes we need to be reminded of our goodness.  Yesterday she really gave it to me, it was so helpful, and reminded me of all of you. So this is a Love Letter reminder of your greatness.  A reminder that we see you as a woman that has steadfastly moved through huge stuff and is better because of it. Taryn called me out for holding myself to a low standard with things like my ability to communicate and focus, in this case around writing.  This is what she said that blew my mind and opened my heart to what is really true …

“Your capability is infinite.  You’re so smart and so capable.  You’re such a goodwoman.  You don’t get easily confused. You don’t get easily distracted . You just don’t trust yourself and you just don’t give yourself a chance at all. I mean not at all. You’ll cut yourself off after 15 minutes if it’s not flowing. But the best of writers are the best because they don’t stop trying.

The most successful people in the world have failed more times than we have even tried something. Dr. Seuss’ first book got rejected by 27 publishers before someone accepted it. Can u even imagine him, pushing his book around? We only see people’s successes. But the biggest ones happened because that person believed in themselves and what they were doing. And so should YOU!

It’s all about our own vision of ourselves. And the way we see ourselves . And you need to start seeing yourself for what you really are. And what you really are is not a puppy, is not easily confused and is not easily distracted. You are a fierce fucking woman! Sometimes you have to turn that fierceness on yourself.”

I loved this so much because we are totally worth the persistence it takes sometimes to bring our greatness into the world.  Hearing all of this from a woman I trust and love deeply really helped me to see past the limitations I was putting on myself.  It put me back into a place where I could work right where I am and love myself while I do it.  Awakened Feminine helps to teach and train us to see this with each other, as it has definitely done so for us.  That is part of the foundation of what we do and what are.

The next time you begin to doubt yourself … remember this message!
From our hearts to yours.




Awakened Feminine