Remember the Big You!

Remember the Big You!

November 7, 2014 Off By WAFEMyHm8MiNYrE2g

On any path of transformation, there are times when we forget the sparkly-ness of our hearts and souls, our deep purpose for being here.  We can get so caught up in life calling us to action in every moment that the big picture can start to feel far away, or at times nonexistent.  Have you ever moved yourself into a territory so new to you are that there is NO WAY you could even know how to be at first?

If you are committed to living a happy and fulfilling life then you will experience this at some point or another.  To grow and move forward into your purpose, you must be willing to put down parts of you that may have been hurting and instead, embrace a different way of being, a new way of living.

In our experience, it is especially important during these significant times of change to reflect to each other the power and beauty we see being cultivated.

As women, we are so lucky right now to have the support of the many ways women can work on themselves.  There is a ton of self-help, women’s empowerment, yoga, and even feminism coming back loud and strong.  One of the tools we use at Awakened Feminine is to be a soul beauty reminder for each other.  It’s not just about connecting together as women- it is about recognizing one another on a soul level.  When this connection is shared between each other, as simple as it may seem, it is really profound. It is about recognizing, supporting and REMINDING each other how good we are.  How much love we deserve, and the infinite power that we all own.

Recently I had a moment with Taryn where I realized I hadn’t been expressing that to her.  We have both been in the midst of some big healing and transformation, big life shifts in different ways.  To the point where we both realized we didn’t even know who we were anymore, or we had forgotten.  Because we have both grown and expanded TREMENDOUSLY in the past few months, we weren’t used to being totally connected to the power of our new states and situations yet.

This is where AF comes in!  I began to reflect on how I saw Taryn, and it was so cool how much beauty and wisdom I could see in her face- almost feel it pouring through the skin.  I began to tell her how I saw her as this different woman that was so profoundly wise, connected to her power- ready to not only step into but be and own who she is now, in a whole new way.  And when I woke up I thought about that very same thing and sent her an AF soul beauty reminder text!  Reminding her to remember how good and how beautiful she is and how she is doing amazing work in her everyday life. How I admire her for knowing what she needs, when she needs it, and for her ability to communicate so clearly and lovingly as a mother and friend.I saw how much this absorbed into her, how beneficial this kind of communication was to her, and how it really did serve as a mirror for her. It fed her, and it replenished her. And it nourished the connection between us! (which is amazing considering we have a pretty nourished relationship!).

That is what makes this kind of connection between women so special. It feeds everyone and brings love to everyone. It wakes everyone up to their power.  So we invite you to reach out to a woman in your life today and reflect to her how you see her, tell her the inner beauty you see. Let’s move the love forward and fill our own hearts in the process.