Let Your Actions Have Thump!

Let Your Actions Have Thump!

August 22, 2014 Off By WAFEMyHm8MiNYrE2g

Way too often we experience very well intentioned people using beautiful, flowery, spiritual language, talking about connection and talking about love… with seemingly little to no meaning behind it. We talk SO much about connection and love at AF; it’s a foundational part of our approach to life. But to us, there is a huge difference.

To us, the difference is the THUMP in which it’s delivered. The depth beneath the words, the actions that show the realness. Connecting with each other, giving love, living with a certain level of awareness, it all sounds great to say, and therefore preaching it has become massively popular. It’s beautiful, but it’s also a trap. We have seen way too often people presenting themselves one way and acting another. What you are, in reality, bringing to the world, makes a huge difference. It’s not about saying you want to bring your light to the world. It’s about doing the inner work to actually let your light come out and be able to penetrate your surroundings. It’s about getting beyond a nicey-nice identity and getting into super real actions that have an evolutionary effect. Awakened Feminine believes that having each other’s back is one of the most important things for how women relate to each other. But what that means and how that plays out is much more important. It’s easy to say we should have each other’s back. Few could argue with that. But to us, it means really, truly, with full heart, showing up. It means being truly present with each other, feeling each other’s needs, hearing each other with what we are really saying, and being awake enough to respond with love and honor. It means that our actions have thump. They have impact. We can trust we are there for each other because we can feel it, not just because we are being told it.

Anyone can say anything. It takes a super intense level of commitment to a way of life to actually show it, live it, and use as a compass an oftentimes demanding, but true, approach. Awakened Feminine is our compass. We call it an approach to life because to us it truly is. It’s not always easy, it sometimes challenges our old settings and triggers hard emotions and forces us to look at ourselves and learn. But through it all it’s a compass that we have sworn by. We have sworn to have thump in our actions. And we have done, and have sworn to keep doing, the deep-seated work that keeps us real, keeps us awake, and most importantly, keeps us evolving and in line with what is true.

We invite you along with us. And we promise to have your back along the way.


Awakened Feminine