Celebrating Birth, AF Style

Celebrating Birth, AF Style

October 13, 2014 Off By WAFEMyHm8MiNYrE2g

We welcome AF baby girl Rabia Sky Wagner to the world!

We have been away for a little while because AF co-founder Taryn gave birth last week to her beautiful baby girl Rabia Sky! An AF baby girl!   In this Love Letter, I want to honor and celebrate Taryn and her family – for bringing this bundle of Love into the world in such a beautiful, profound way. Taryn and her partner David delivered Rabia in the comfort of their home in NYC with the support of an incredible midwife, Umaimah (the photo above was taken just moments after the birth!).  From the incredibly present and wise midwife, to the way Taryn and her partner navigated this entire pregnancy and birth, to all of the women who showed up to support – there was so much goodness and so much to learn from.

As long as I have known Taryn, she has been fiercely committed to transformation, healing and her inner growth.  In the most beautifully intense way.  She truly cares about helping others and being a leader of Love in this world. She exudes this power, wisdom and light more than most that I know.  Her ability to relate so lovingly and full on with others is for sure one of her gifts.

To be by her side through her pregnancy, to see her navigate and evolve with such ease and Grace, has been the greatest honor.  I always say Taryn is the biggest non-yogi yogi that I know, meaning she doesn’t do much asana (the “yoga” most people think of) but yoga in the traditional sense, the inner kind, she is dedicated to completely.  Although I have to help her with her downward dog, she truly takes life as an opportunity for inner expansion.  She uses every part of her experience to grow more and more into the fierce beautiful soul mother that she is. A lot of times she expands so fast it blows my mind.  That was definitely the experience for me as I sat with her during the process of giving birth to Rabia.

It was miraculous to me to see Taryn do what she did and in the way that she did it. I’m so proud of her. The way she is so present with her family, all while still be of service to so many others in her life is such an inspiration to me.  I haven’t been able to find all the words for it yet. I am just so so so thankful for her friendship and love. We will all be holding such a sweet and strong, loving space for Rabia as she grows into the girl and woman she is meant to be.

If there is anything you feel like is not possible for you to do that you really care about doing in your life, let this be your reminder that you CAN.  We support you in your growth and want to see you use it to move through the shifts and changes in your life with wisdom and with a ton of love for yourself.

Please let us know if we can support you in any further ways.

From our hearts to yours.




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