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Awakened Feminine, to us, truly is an approach to life…we like to call it our internal compass. It helps us to not only be able to support the women in our worlds more fully than ever before, but it helps us face the challenges in our lives in a different way. It brings us into a space of wisdom and encourages us to rise into a full expression of our power.

So, lately, we have been finding ourselves summarizing our whole approach by just simply saying, “AFing” or, “AFed.” That’s right. Straight up AFing. We are saying things like “I AFed her, because she was totally forgetting how amazing she really is.” Or, “I started to act small and awkward so I AFed myself and got back into my power!”. It’s become a funny little lingo thing we use, but it actually says a lot to us, even though it also usually makes us laugh at the same time (but what doesn’t?!). It’s part of our process in a way, because we are walking this path just as you are, we are learning just as you are, and we are growing and challenging ourselves just as you are.

So we wanted to share our little lingo with you, so that you can AF those around you, AF yourself when needed, and laugh and grow along the way!

AFing someone has to do with a lot of things. Probably most of all it has to do with inviting yourself and those you’re connecting with into a space of wisdom. If Awakened Feminine stands for seeing each other in our fullest potential, then AFing someone has to do with inviting them to step into that potential, even if just for that moment. Because sometimes we just want to help someone, or ourselves, to stop buying into their own bullshit for a minute. Sometimes we want to shake someone’s commitment to a stuck way of being and help get them to a place where they see themselves the way we see them. That is AFing someone.

Sometimes it means we are standing strong in a place that we know is true, and we are holding that space for others to come into as well. It’s an enormous part of what we do with Awakened Feminine. It’s how we run our meetings, it’s how we relate to the women in our lives, and it’s how we structure the entire movement of AF. Holding the space of what is deeply true rather than just what is being presented is no small thing and it is often very challenging. But it’s a life-changer and definitely a relationship-changer.

Sometimes AFing a situation means that you simply are bringing awareness to it. You see how someone’s, or your, words or actions are hitting… you see how they are affecting those around you, and you respond accordingly. You bring your presence to the room and then you bring your wisdom to the situation. You offer different perspectives, you expand the scope of the conversation, you pay attention and really see what’s happening for the women around you and you give a huge dose of love, even if that means just simply looking someone in the eyes and saying hello. Even if it just means giving a sincere smile and a warm presence in an otherwise tough room. It’s a move away from the unconscious, toxic or unsupportive vibration that can arise and instead it shifts the paradigm to one in line with Awakened Feminine. You AF it!

Sometimes it means we just don’t step out of our power even if no one around us is in theirs. It means our internal compass of wisdom and love is not conditional upon anyone else’s road. It means whatever it is we stand for, we stand for it no matter what those around us are doing. It means we do not shrink to match someone’s smallness but rather we expand enough to invite others to grow also. It’s a deep seated belief in ourselves and a true commitment to seeing the power in the women around us.

Really, we could go on and on. Because probably the meanings and applications are somewhat endless. But you catch our drift. It’s taking an approach to life and really applying it to your world, to your circumstances, to the people you connect with. It’s a way to really support the women in your life in action….not just in theory, but in full-on action, even when it’s hard or uncomfortable or nerve racking. It’s standing for something deeper and requiring something more of yourself and those around you, in a totally loving, totally awake way.

We hope this helps bring the AF way of life more into your life. We hope it helps bring a new awareness to situations and relationships. Really, we hope that women are AFing each other all over the damn place!!


Awakened Feminine