AF Meetings

AF Meetings

Our format involves facilitating women’s meetings to fulfill our mission. Please see below for details.

Awakened Feminine Meetings

Awakened Feminine specializes in creating a safe container for connecting and relating with other women. Many of us have walked difficult paths to get to where we are today, and now we are seeking more in our friendships, more from our community…more from ourselves. We can no longer accept only superficial relationships with other women, we no longer want to feel a threat of judgment, we no longer want to experience the gossip, toxicity, or lack of depth many of us have experienced in our past relationships. We need more so that we can thrive as women. Yet, in our daily lives, this is not always available, and when it is, we are not practiced enough at how to relate this way, making it hard to do.


In our Awakened Feminine meetings, we gather to share our experiences, strength, and wisdom with each other to support our common path of living as conscious, empowered women.  We hold a space for a different type of conversation with one another, one that is facilitated and driven towards growth and connection, depth and presence. Participation in these meetings is a powerful and effective step towards finding deeper love & intimacy in all of your relationships with women. You will leave feeling alive and deeply connected to your power as a feminine force in the world, and with the tools and motivation to deepen your connection with other women.

Meetings are one hour 30 minutes long.